• International programme

International programme

Sharing knowledge and good practices is undergoing outside of Slovenia's borders as well. YHD association is sharing and expending its knowhow through various international projects and activities:

ENIL-European Network on Independent Living

is a network, uniting individuals and organisations of individuals with various types of disability with members all over Europe. ENIL operates as a forum of disabled individuals and organisations which promote independent living and its non-disabled allies. ENIL represents a movement of disabled people advocating for respect of human rights, social inclusion based on solidarity, mutual support, deinstitutionalisation, democracy, self-representation and self-determination.

ENIL promotes equal opportunities for all disabled people and fights against discrimination in Europe. ENIL also aims to address the issue of inadequate representation of people with various disabilities in decision-making processes about European social policy and our society in general.

ENIL's mission

Promotion of independent living philosophy among disabled people, raising interest in the public, among national policy makers, public administrators and international organisations such as European Union, the Council of Europe and Organisations for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Development of new ideas, principals and definitions of basic notions in the field of independent living.

Promotion and development of centres for independent living in Europe and intensification of solidarity and networking among them.

Training sessions and promotion of raising consciousness on the European level and in other European bodies and organisations (European Disability Forum, Disabled People's International and others).

Fighting against social exclusion and discrimination through policies that promote independent living of disabled people. Formation of instrumental framework for independent living to end discrimination against disabled persons all over Europe.

Pursuit to accept the social model of disability (observing independence and self-determination of every individual) by destroying the barriers of the medical model.