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Drammen March 6th 2008

Support to YHD, Independent Living and Personal Assistance

ULOBA – Cooperative on Personal Assistance – in Norway has come across the good work YHD does in Slovenia.

ULOBA has introduced and developed personal assistance in Norway so we know how important personal assistance is as a tool for disabled people to be active citizens and work on reaching equal opportunities with non-disabled people.

We support YHDs important work in Slovenia. They work along the ideas from the European Union for instance de-institutionalization and community based services. ULOBA feels so strongly for the importance of personal assistance that we any time are ready to provide you with the good experiences that we have had with personal assistance in Norway.we now have a legal cover of assistance consumer designed for people that prefer that instead of the services provided by the local governments.

Please, support YHD as representatives of people that have fresh ideas on disabled people based on the Independent Living-ideology that focus on empowerment of disabled people.
Mainstreaming is the aim that we want to achieve by gradually moving disabled people from the medical model as sick people that needs care – to the social model where we have the same possibilities to participate and the same obligations as everybody else.

Yours Sincerely

Knut Flaaum
General Manager
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