• Association for theory and culture of handicap

YHD Strives for

Equal rights and responsibilities for the handicapped people in all spheres of social life.

Treatment of rights of the handicapped as human rights, instead of merely social rights.

Changing of legislation and politics in this sphere.

Development of the theory of handicap.

Emancipation and self-determination.

YHD's Goals
Promotion of independent living and development and expansion of our network on the national and international level.
Training of personal assistants, society members, experts, parents and other interested parties on the subject of independent living.
Consultation and informing on the options of independent living.
Collecting and distribution of literature and audio and video production on the subject of disability, publishing activities.
Organization of acts of support or protest.
Implementation of programmes in the area of social care and all other activities, which contribute to equality of rights.
Striving for equal rights of the handicapped persons, struggle against discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes in all spheres of social life.
Information and raising public awareness, participation in the designing of measures at the local, national and international level.

Some of our activities:
Independent living of the handicapped is a program intended for people who wish to live outside the institutionalised forms of care, manage their own life and be responsible for their actions. Consequently, personal assistance, which enables us to perform certain activities that we are unable to perform on our own because of our handicap, is of vital importance for us. Personal assistance includes personal care, home making and escorting up to 24 hours a day. One has the liberty of choosing one’s personal assistant and the type of assistance on one’s own.

International networking with organisations and European institutions with similar goals. Collaboration in drafting new bills, advocating for anti-discriminatory legislation and systemic changes to make personal assistance reality.
Organizing public promotional activities.
Association with non-governmental organisations working in various fields.
Publishing educational and promotional materials.